Monday, January 10, 2011

Web 2.0 Midterm Assessment #1

I believe that the course Web 2.0 was a good course, at first I didn’t get too involved to it, but after a month I really got involved into my class. Every day I really enjoyed my  period 4  class because it was a period that I could express my ideas and by expressing my point of views and blogging about things that I enjoyed it made me learn a lot I cannot described how this class helped me. Lot knowledge that I learn in this class I will carry into my life.
Learning everyday about different devices it give us different ways to learn something without being boring it makes us students get interested to a subject which it seemed really annoying or boring.
We learned how to use the IPad my definition for this object is a mini computer that you can have everywhere you go and there are so many applications for pretty much everything. The idea of using IPad next year is amazing.

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