Friday, January 14, 2011

web 2.0 final

#3) My feelings on web 2.0 are the best I really support this idea and I think we have to socialize web 2.0 for everyone around the world. Before I took this class I though blogs were really unnecessary I thought I was just a waste of time for people who didn’t have nothing to do but now I am a blog addicted I love to read what other people think and what are their opinions in certain topic.
Also web 2.0 is a great tool to exchange knowledge because you can basically communicate with everyone technology is changing the world around us and we got to accept it and see all the benefits that it comes with it.
In the web there is so many tools that really helps students in understanding contests there is so many new ways to learn something without being boring.
Everything I had learned in this course I will carry with me and I am pretty sure it will help me in socializing and exposing my ideas.
 #4) Next semester I think you should try to connect more with other school or maybe have visitors and make a debate in what students think about this new revolution in education.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Web 2.0 Midterm Assessment #1

I believe that the course Web 2.0 was a good course, at first I didn’t get too involved to it, but after a month I really got involved into my class. Every day I really enjoyed my  period 4  class because it was a period that I could express my ideas and by expressing my point of views and blogging about things that I enjoyed it made me learn a lot I cannot described how this class helped me. Lot knowledge that I learn in this class I will carry into my life.
Learning everyday about different devices it give us different ways to learn something without being boring it makes us students get interested to a subject which it seemed really annoying or boring.
We learned how to use the IPad my definition for this object is a mini computer that you can have everywhere you go and there are so many applications for pretty much everything. The idea of using IPad next year is amazing.

Friday, January 7, 2011

5 educational tools on the iPad

Guys I was researching for my web 2.0 class good tools for education for iPads and I come up with this list of free apps for iTunes I thought their are really useful and is really easy to use so those are my option .....
IBooks (i loved that app I super recommend)
My math flash card
Istudy workplace
Us capitals on the map lite
Math league contest (for instructors)
Check them out and tell me what do you think of them
Bye bye guys have a great weekend and hopefully with not a lot snow!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hey guys today I'm blooging from a iPad this things are amazing I love it I can't wait to get one we can do pretty much everything whith them is amazing how technology is changing everything around us. If you have a chance go to an apple store and check them out!
I talk to you guys later I'm excited to go play a little bit more with the iPad...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Livebinders -

Livebinders  It' is a bookmarking tool that you can install on your browser tool bar. While you are browsing the web, you can add web pages directly into one of your binders or a new binder in your account by clicking on the LiveBinder It link. This way, you can add pages without having to go to the LiveBinders site. It is a quicker and easier way to add web pages to your binders.
 I found this video about Livebinders it explains a little bit about it I hope you guys sign up for a account now this tool is really usefull!

Livebinders é uma ferramenta de bookmarking que você pode instalar na sua barra de ferramentas do navegador. Enquanto você estiver navegando na web, você pode adicionar páginas da Web diretamente em uma de suas pastas, ou um novo ligante em sua conta clicando no link LiveBinder É. Dessa forma, você pode adicionar páginas sem ter que ir para o site LiveBinders. É uma maneira mais rápida e fácil adicionar páginas ao seu ligantes.

  Achei este vídeo sobre Livebinders explica um pouco sobre isso, eu espero que vocês se inscrever para uma conta agora essa ferramenta é muito útil!

Monday, January 3, 2011

First 2011 Blog Post/ O primeiro blog post de 2011

Well I can believe it already 2011, 2010 was a year with a lot of changes in my life and around the world.
2011 Is a decisive year for myself because I’m going to graduate high school and take a big step which is going to college I hope to learn a lot and carry all the knowledge that I had gain till today forever.
For my family and some of my friends which is far all way from me I love to tell them that I’m going back, and for my other family and friends  that I build in here I like to thank them for everything they had done to me they are unforgettable and I will carry them in my heart forever.
Happy New Years
Gente nao da pra acreditar que ja e 2011, 2010 foi um ano de muitas mudancas e perdas em minha vida e em todo mundo tambem. 2011 e um ano decisivo em minha vida porque estarei me formando em Burlington High School e vou dar um passo enorme que ira me ajudar muito em minha vida que e ir para faculdade.Espero que eu guarde toda a minha esperiencia adiquirida ate hoje e adicione muito mais a ela.
Para minha familia e amigos adoro informa los que voltarei para minha casa, e para a minha familia e amigos que contrui aqui eu gostaria de agradecer for tudo oque fizeram for mim e sempre careguarei eles no meu coracao.
Feliz Ano Novo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Open Zine

 Mr. Larkin introduce to are web 2.0 class a new tool last week called Open zine which is a magazine on- line. That’s why I didn’t blog at all I still have to make some changes into my magazine but as soon as possible I will posted on line for you guys to look at it. I hope you guys created a account and make you owm magazine too is really fun!

Gente meu professor de web 2.0 class  me apresentou a um site novo chamado Open zine esse site permite voce fazer uma revista do seu jeito esses sao alguns dos motivos de meu afastamento do blogg mas estou de volta e quando estiver terminado minha revista pronta fazerei um post pra voceis queridas.
Se tiver um tempinho faca a sua Openzine tambem.