Friday, January 14, 2011

web 2.0 final

#3) My feelings on web 2.0 are the best I really support this idea and I think we have to socialize web 2.0 for everyone around the world. Before I took this class I though blogs were really unnecessary I thought I was just a waste of time for people who didn’t have nothing to do but now I am a blog addicted I love to read what other people think and what are their opinions in certain topic.
Also web 2.0 is a great tool to exchange knowledge because you can basically communicate with everyone technology is changing the world around us and we got to accept it and see all the benefits that it comes with it.
In the web there is so many tools that really helps students in understanding contests there is so many new ways to learn something without being boring.
Everything I had learned in this course I will carry with me and I am pretty sure it will help me in socializing and exposing my ideas.
 #4) Next semester I think you should try to connect more with other school or maybe have visitors and make a debate in what students think about this new revolution in education.

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