Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Militar Fashion / A moda volta com os famosos estilos militares

As can we all see the old military fashion is back I love that tendency. Military Street fashion is styled for both men and women with that unisex hip look and design. 
Green and grey are dominant colors in the pallette. Strict sharp forms with too little femininity look pretty on women but I would never call that stylish. items are also icnluded though they hardly belong to the . I hope you liked my blog post.
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Como nos podemos ver aquele velhos estilo militares que sempre sao lembrados e trazidos de volta para o Fashion World, estam com tudo esse ano. Esse estilo da um look unisex para homen e mulheres e como sempre faz muito sucesso entre as mulheres. A verde e cinza sao cores dominantes.A marca Burberry tem item maravilhosos e sao bem inspirados no estilo militar. Estou amando essa tendencia esperam que voceis gostaram do post.
:) Obrigada bjitos girrls

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  1. Great post on the day before Veterans' Day! You should check out an Army-Navy Store! They have great bargains.