Monday, November 22, 2010

Do I have to be good in school in order to be successful?

Today I was reading Should i have to be good in school? And that made me think about it. Do we really have to be good in school in order to be successful in your future job my opinion I think Yes we have do are best in school because school is design to help us in our education and by studying hard every day makes a big difference in the world and make you look you feel better by knowing that you have something that makes your self different than others, education is the key for everything is something that you can not lose or get stole from.
The other part of these issue is that many people don't really care about school and later on there life’s they realize that they lost a lot knowledge in their life’s by not dedicating there self’s in  learn when they did had a chance to but never is late to realize and make changes that will help you a lot.

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