Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our class featured in Edutopia

I feel so amazed how are work is being seeing by so many educators. All the hard work we are having in trying to find a safe network that will help us in the present and future. I’m so happy to see that what Mr. Larkin is trying to help us in this class is being look and comment and blog about it for different people. Is great to learn how we can use different social networks to talk about what your passions are instead to be spending time on facebook and trying to be “popular”.

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  1. I think it's great you all are willing to share your ideas with the world. I am sending the article to every teacher and principal I know. In our area, too many teachers tell kids all the ways they'll get in trouble if they're caught using Facebook, iPods, etc., in class. I'm glad there are real students and teachers out there thinking through all of this stuff and making good use of it. Way to go!